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Feature Product Jan-18: Seasol


Our seaweed is not harvested from living stands, but sustainably sourced from storm-cast material collected from remote locations that are free from pollution. This ensures the highest possible quality and consistency in every drum.

Seasol is a plant stimulant used to boost plant metabolism. It is 100% soluble and can be applied either to the soil or the foliage. It is designed to provide benefits that complement your existing fertiliser program. These benefits result from a general increase in overall plant health.



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AG Seeds | June 2017

Agroniche shares experiences with farmers across different Malaysian States on sustainability farming. Various organic products have been proven to be able to increase yield while allowing long lasting soil fertility.

AG Ferti  |  July 2017

Seasol is widely known among the farmers due to its great advantage at strengthening crops' defense system. 100% organic seaweed hormones and amino acids boosts plants growth and was proven to be very effective across various crops and fruit trees.


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AG Seeds | June 2017

Sustainable farming has increasingly become more important. It could be a great challenge for the farmers to produce twice the amount of crops with the same land size.