Vegetal Amino Acid Fertilizer

100% Organic Based



Trainer contains 30% of soluble peptides & amino acids which play an important role in:

1. Stimulating plant growth and productivity

2. Promoting nutrient uptake and assimilation

3. increase tolerance against abiotic stresses.


TRAINER can be mixed with most commercial pesticides, herbicides. In fact, it reduces the bad effects of herbicides on crops while increasing effects on grass!



Trainer ialah baja cecair organic untuk kegunaan foliar (daun) berasaskan 100% vegetal amino asid dan peptide. Trainer meresap dengan pantas melalui daun  kedalam tisu tumbuhan. Trainer berfungsi hanya selepas beberapa jam meresap di dalam tumbuhan.




Application Method


Foliar Application

30-50cc per 20L waters. Spray onto foliage every 7-14 days.


Hydroponic Mixture

TRAINER can be mixed in any hydroponic fertilizers, increasing the effect and absorption of fertilizers in plants. It helps to move nutrients around a plant, creating healthier plant!






We always paid attention to ethical and moral problems concerning fertilizers and for this reason we present our VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY campaign.

We guarantee the absence of animal proteins on fruits and vegetables treated with TRAINER.