Gel Fertilizer Calciphos


AG GROGREEN GLGrogreen Jelly.jpg

A New Generation Vegetable & Fruit Fertilizer.

Grogreen GL Calciphos 9-63-0 + 11 CaO + 1MgO

Best for application in matured plant at rooting stage and flowering stage, especially when your soil needs high  CALCIUM. Enhances rooting system and higher yield of fruits and better quality of crops. Use with foliar spray or drip irrigation application as vegetable fertilizer, fruit fertilizer, garden plants, or plantations.



Vegetable Plant                : 25-35 gm / 20L

Fruit trees                          : 30-50 gm / 20L

Super Concentrated Jelly-like Fertilizer

Comes with sticker solution & quick penetration. Full range of formula for all crops growing stages.

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Gel structure optimizes plants treatment efficiency:

1. Reduces the surface tension of the drop forming, (展着剂)

2. Increases leaf retention (粘油)

3. Promotes stomatal opening and cuticular absorption (打开叶片的气孔以便容易吸收)

4. Allows for better dosing and handling than solid (高浓度)

5. Facilitates the dissolution and therefore the assimilation (渗透)

6. Interacts less with the rest of the foliar products (可以掺其他的产品)

7. Quick observable results (快速见效)